Battling Cancer Is Difficult, But It Is Winnable!

A “cancer diagnosis” is frightening news! As a means of support to Independence School District employees, retirees, and their families, the district has initiated a cancer support program entitled Reviving Hope. The program serves as an information clearinghouse regarding cancer.

As a family who has managed cancer ourselves, we wanted to express our support to you and to your family as you battle this disease. Reviving Hope garners resources to educate and provides support regarding nutritional, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being as well as navigating the financial hurdles presented by cancer treatment. It provides qualified and compassionate volunteers to assist with light house cleaning, yard work, fitness program, discussion topics for individuals or groups, healthy cooking classes, transportation, oil changes, individual or family counseling, and/or relaxation body massage.

The program also offers the Reviving Hope Mansion designed as the home headquarters for the Independence School District’s cancer outreach program. The Mansion also serves as a “home-away-from-home” for out-of-town friends and family members who travel to Independence in support of their loved ones in their battle with cancer.

As the first step, we would like to meet you at your convenience to chat about ways that the program might assist with the numerous needs that a cancer diagnosis presents.

Reviving Hope is designed as a comprehensive guide that will help you gather and retain important information, be an informed partner with your healthcare team and serve as inspiration during what may be one of the most difficult times in life — all with the ultimate goal of helping focus energy on getting well. At no time is it a replacement for treatment of cancer or the health professional treatment plan.

Program Director

click here for Cancer Rules to Live By


“I just viewed the video about the new Reviving Hope plan for the district! The home is beautiful and looks so peaceful and comforting…a perfect place for those seeking rest and care. The entire vision of helping families which are a part of the ISD family is simply overwhelming to me…an idea that certainly goes beyond the physical walls of the district to reach others in such a compassionate way.

Thank you for dreaming this new idea and for seeing it created. As I have felt for many years, I am blessed to be a member of the Independence School District family.”

Lynne Baker, ISD Employee